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Datavideo SE-2850-12 12 INP DVS SWITCHER (SPLITUNI

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HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

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HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

12 inputs standard
The SE-2850 is the only rack-mounted, 12-input switcher (SDI and HDMI inputs).

Support for various input resolutions simultaneously
Connect cameras, computers, and other devices with different video resolutions. Thanks to its built-in video scaler, the SE-2850 will scale all the inputs for the proper working environment.

Perfect lip sync
The SE-2850's included audio-delay feature ensures that you'll be able to keep your audio and video perfectly in sync with one another. This means zero lip sync issues for your professional production.

Assignable Crosspoints
The SE-2850's inputs can be reassigned, giving you more flexibility while organizing the multi-view interface.

Included CG Title Creator
The SE-2850 includes the entry-level CG-200 software for creating on-screen text and titles. (Upgradable to CG-350 for advanced features).

Supports 12 HD or SD Inputs in a variety of configurations

  • HD Mode: (1) 8/12 HD-SDI, (2) 6/9 HD-SDI + 2/3 HDMI
  • SD Mode: (1) 8/12 SD-SDI, (2) 6/9 SDI + 2/3 HDMI

Professional 10-bit processing switcher
Providing you the best and professional quality of video processing.

Real-time clock featuring HH:MM:SS on the multi-screen
Count down counter MM:SS

In the box

  • 1 x SE-2850 Main Unit
  • 1 x SE-2850 Control Board
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord
  • 1 x DB9P TO DB9P Cable
  • 1 x CB-41 / XLR to XLR Cable
  • 2 x Extra button cap for wipe
  • 12 x Screw
  • 2 x 2U Ear Rack

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