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Photo/Video Tripod with a built in ballhead on top of the center column and can be used both for video and photo.

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Tekniske specifikationer

Anvendelse Video, Natur, Spejlløst, DSLR, CSC

Midtersøjle Ja

Farve Sort

Benets diameter (mm) 28

Stativhoved-gevind 3/8", 1/4"

Låsemekanisme af ben Twist Lock

Ben-sektioner 4

Materiale Aluminium

Antal vaterpas 1

Stativfod Pigge, Gummi

Vægt (g) 2500

Warranty (year(s)) 6

Maksimal højde (mm) 1750

Maksimal benhøjde (mm) 1400

Maksimal bærevægt (kg)15

Minimum højde (mm) 230

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The Sirui VHD-2004 supports compact DSLR or midsize cameras weighing up to 15kgs.
A separate pan lock disengages and allows the head to rotate 360°.
The ball also moves freely after unlocking the head’s lever lock, and at the same time the cut notch on the side of the head permits you to position a camera at a set angle.

The legs tighten with twist locks that adjust with a simple turn to extend the legs to a maximum height of 175cm.
A second, short centre column is included which allows you to drop the tripod to a minimum height of 23cm without having to lift the column up.
One of the tripod legs can be disconnected and can be used as a monopod.
A bubble level on the top of the legs helps with maintaining a level shot.
The rubber feet are removable and can be swapped out for optional spikes, and the tripod also features a 1/4″ accessory mount.

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