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NANLUX Octagonal Softbox 150cm with NLM mount

2.399 kr


Octagonal Softbox 150cm with NLM mount

150cm octagonal softbox with NLM mount.

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Designed to fit the Evoke Series, the octagonal softbox produces a smooth, even quality of light. The included eggcrate allows you to narrow the beam angle and control spill/flare, and the removable diffusers give the users quality-of-light options, which creates a beautiful, soft illumination.

Dimension: φ1500 x 580mm/φ59.05 x 22.83"
Weight: 2.9kg

  • Silver interior to maximise output.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy set-up
  • Creates soft even light
  • Includes: inner diffuser, soft diffuser, eggcrate and carrying bag

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