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Datavideo OBV-2850B Mobile Production System, 2 racksystem
Datavideo OBV-2850B Mobile Production System, 2 racksystem Datavideo OBV-2850B Mobile Production System, 2 racksystem

Datavideo OBV-2850B Mobile Production System, 2 racksystem

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HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio

Compact transportable solution for both in-studio and on-location productions


A complete solution that is equipped with a switcher, intercom, recording, streaming, audio delay, monitor and power supply.

Suitable for large-sized productions


The OBV-2850 supports up to 12 inputs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 and has a total of 6 outputs in HDMI and SDI


17.3'' Full HD Rackmount Monitor


Support column (YRGB peak), time code, waveform, vectorscope & audio level meter, peaking, zoom, pix to pix, underscan, check field

Intercom and talkback functionality


Standard 8 channel intercom optional expandability to 12 channels

Hard drive-based rackmount video recorder


A rack-mountable video recorder with a removable hard drive enclosure.

H.264 streaming and recording simultaneously


Supports different bitrates for recording and streaming 

Several optional accessories available

Multiple accessories available including audio mixers, camera control, and more.




The OBV-2850 is based on Datavideo SE-2850, 8/12 channels HD/SD digital video switcher and incorporates:

  • 2 x TLM-170VR: HD monitors for multiviewer/PGM
  • 1 x HDR-70: HD recorders for PGM and AUX
  • ITC-100: 8-ch intercom/tally system with 4 included belt packs
  • AD-200: audio delay box
  • NVS-33: H.264 Video Streaming Server
  • VP-633: 100m SDI repeater (Powered)
  • PD-2A: power distributor (8 x DC 12V)
  • PD-6: 8-ch power center
  • RP-45: 8-ch CV return video
  • VP-445: 4-ch SDI amplifier
  • DAC-50: Digital/Analogue converter
  • Optional PD-4A AC redundant power center
  • Optional DDC-4012H: Camera power regular
  • Optional  VP-781: HD/SD SDI and Intercom Repeater Box
  • Optional  VP-634: 100m SDI repeater (Unpowered)
  • Optional 30m / 50m SDI and ITC all-in-one cable CB-46/CB-47
  • Optional 20m / 50m Tally and ITC all-in-one cable CB-3/CB-4







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OBV-2850 HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio
Digital Video SwitcherSE-2850
Rack Mount LCDTLM-170VR x2
RecorderHDR-70 x1
Intercom/Tally SystemITC-100 w/4 Belt Packs
Vector ScopeBuilt-in TLM-170VR
Audio MixerAD-200
Power DistributorPD-2A
Camera Control SystemCCU-100 x1 (OBV-2850C)
Camera Power DistributorPD-6A (OBV-2850C)
Video Streaming ServerNVS-33
4K Multicamera ProcessorKMU-100 (OBV-2850B)
HD/SD SDI AmplifierVP-445 x1, VP-633 x3
Rack System Integration27RU Mobile Rack System x 2
*Asia: 25RU Mobile Rack System (x 2)
Weight85 kg
Operating Temp. Range0~40 °C
Camera Power RegulatorDDC-4012H (9-30V to DC12V)
Redundant Power (360W)PD-4A
CB-22H/23H RepeaterVP-781
SDI/ITC CableCB-46/47 (30/50m)
ITC/Tally CableCB-3/4 (20m/50m)
HDMI CableCB-60/61/62 (30m/50m/100m)
100m SDI RepeaterVP-634
What's in the Box Part11 x OBV-2850 product
4 x ITC-100SL with Carry Bag
4 x Tally LED TD-3
4 x Headphone
1 x Goose neck MIC
1 x Goose neck LED light
4 x XLR Cable + CON 20M
4 x GPI Cable Stereo 1.2M
2 x AC Power Cord
1 x Y type USB cable
5 x 120mm cable tie
10 x 200mm cable tie
1 x Y type 2 pin MOLEX cable
2 x 2.5"" HDD enclosure
10 x Screw M3*4mm
10 x Anti-vibration screw + M5*10 washer
What's in the Box Part22 x ISO screw 2*6mm 
2 x HD sticker 
4 x Blank sticker 
4 x Black Velcro 36cm 
1 x Thank You Card




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